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About our school

Beacon Hill Public School has strong traditions and community/family values such as respect and honesty. That's why we are known as The Friendly School.

Our school leads the way in outstanding educational, sporting, cultural and student welfare programs on the Northern Beaches. The size of our school and the professionalism of our staff means we can offer a wide variety of learning programs which are accessible to all children.

We encourage children to think out-of-the-square and extend their knowledge
and experiences.

In every way, you and your child will be welcome at our school. We take pride in our students' achievements. We invite you to give your child the best education possible by joining our great school.

Mission statement

Beacon Hill Public School is a dynamic learning community committed to fostering each child's personal best within a caring and friendly environment.

School values

At Beacon Hill we utilise Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL). PBL is an evidence-based whole school process to improve learning outcomes for all students.T The three values we promote at Beacon Hill Public School are:

              RESPECT              RESPONSIBILITY           EXCELLENCE

Twice a term students are nominated from each class who demonstate these values to receive the Aussie Star Award. 

Additionally we encourage our students to display positive learning dispositions. Throughout each term we acknowledge students who are displaying the characteristics of these learning dispositions with our Super Learner awards. Our six valued learning dispositions are:

  • Blaze - Be Creative
  • Elektra - Engaged
  • Aurora -  A isk Taker
  • Caspian - Collaborative
  • Octavia - Optimistic
  • Nova - Never Give Up

STAR Learner Superpowers at BHPS

Starting school in 2021?

Are you and your child ready for the first day of school? Find primary school resources including hints, tips and checklists to get #Ready2021.

Take a Look Around Our School

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Quick facts

  • Outstanding teaching and learning programs
  • Above average basic skills results in literacy and numeracy
  • Caring and professional teachers
  • Supportive student welfare programs and procedures
  • Small class sizes
  • Friendly and community-minded students
  • Active and supportive parent groups
  • Extensive band program
  • Excellent sport opportunities for individuals and teams
  • Fully equipped gymnasium and entertainment centre
  • Visual arts expertise and facilities
  • Expansive computer network
  • Wonderful leadership challenges
  • Before and after school care centre
  • Dance and choir programs
  • Beautiful leafy grounds
  • All grades at Beacon Hill Public School actively participate in the Crunch and Sip program.