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Learning and support

Some children need support with their learning for a variety of reasons. Let's work together!

Learning support team

Our Learning Support Team incorporates the expertise of staff and the wider resources of the Department of Education to assess, develop, implement and evaluate individual and small group programs which address the individual needs of our students.

Support and support teacher (LAST)

The Learning and Support Teacher works collaboratively with the classroom teacher to support assessment for learning of their students with additional educational needs and identify specific learning and support needs. They plan, implement, model, monitor and evaluate teaching programs for students with additional learning and support needs in conjunction with regular classroom teachers and make adjustments when needed and provide direct support for students with additional learning and support needs through a range of strategies.

English as a second language or dialect teacher

The English as a Second Language (EALD) teacher assists students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds in developing English language and literacy skills. They also support in planning programs and teaching practices best suited to EALD students.

School counsellor

The School Counsellor assists students, teachers and parents in ensuring the welfare of students. School counsellors strengthen the student welfare provision of schools by providing expert advice in relation to individual personal, social and educational aspects of child development of students with specific needs. They collaborate with classroom teachers to improve student learning outcomes.


The MULTILIT Reading Tutor Program (Revised) is a research-based program specifically designed for teaching students who are reading at levels below what might be expected for their age. It is an intensive, one-to- one program of instruction in basic reading skills. At Beacon Hill Public School, the program is delivered to Year 2 students by the Learning and Support Teacher and trained volunteers 4 mornings per week for one hour.