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Excursions are an important component of our teaching and learning programs. They provide a rich learning experience for the students to further develop their understanding of the topic being taught and to enjoy being with their peers and their teachers outside the classroom.

All excursion details such as dates, times, transport arrangements, clothing, food, supervision and costs are provided to parents in advance. A signed permission note and payment is required before a child can leave the school grounds.

In some cases, teachers ask for parents to accompany a small group to help with general supervision. This will vary considerably due to the nature of the excursion. At all times, the teachers are in-charge of the excursion and their directions need to be followed.

The duration of the excursions range from one day for the younger students and increase to overnight excursions for the older students. Some of the places we visit:

  • Taronga Zoo
  • Parliament House
  • Canberra
  • Great Aussie Bush Camp, and
  • Bathurst.

Put simply, the children love excursions.