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Beacon Hill's school community is proud of the outstanding achievements of its students in individual and team sports. We have strong and proud sporting traditions.

Home sport

Home sport is on each Friday in the afternoon session and focuses on providing a variety of activities for children with an emphasis on fitness, skill development, sportsmanship and enjoyment. Children in the younger years engage in Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS) development including all 12 skills.

The FMS include static balance, sprint run, vertical jump, side gallop, catch, kick, hop, skip, leap, overarm throw, two-hand strike and dodge. The children practise these skills in a safe and supportive environment and are learnt through game based situations. 

The children in Year 3 to Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in externally provided sporting clinics. The sporting clinics offer at Beacon Hill include an option of:

  • Term 1 – Tennis and/or T- Ball
  • Term 2 – Soccer and/or cricket
  • Term 3 – Oztag and/or AFL
  • Term 4 – Tennis and/or T-Ball

Children are proud to wear their sports uniform and school hat.

We have four houses divided as follows:

  • Blue – Mackellar
  • Yellow – Warringah
  • Red – Cook
  •  Green – Phillip

Primary School Sport Assocation

Interschool Sport (PSSA) the children at Beacon Hill Public School are proud to represent their school, in particular in the area of sport. At Beacon Hill, we are big enough to offer all the sports yet small enough so most can experience it during their school career. Our school offers the children in Year 3 to Year 6 the opportunity to represent the school in cricket, softball/T-Ball, Eagle Tag and Volleyball/Newcombe ball in the Summer months. In the Winter month’s soccer, netball and rugby league is offered.

Our school foyer proudly contains a vast display of trophies and pendants as competition winners. 


At Beacon Hill all children participate in an external gymnastics and dance program with specially trained instructors. They provide an expert program designed to target all aspects of the PDHPE curriculum.

The children in kindergarten participate in the externally provided gym program each year to achieve Early Stage One outcomes. The kindergarten students also engage in a specific dance program focusing on a range of social dances delivered by their class teachers.


All of the students at Beacon Hill Public School engage in weekly fitness sessions. The aim of the fitness sessions is to improve students’ cardiovascular fitness, develop fitness related skills and establish routines for students to value leading a physically active life.

The all students in Kindergarten to Year 6, focus on further developing their running ability, leading up to the school cross country event, dance, skipping, athletics and various games to develop their Fundamental movement skill ability.


All Year 2 students participate in the intensive swimming program which is conducted by qualified Austswim instructors at Terry Hills Aquatic Centre. The children attend the swimming centre each Friday for the term to develop their water confidence, stroke proficiency and develop their water safety skills. The Year 2 swimming program takes place in Term 2.